Grilled Cheese Rolls Recipe


Grilled Cheese Rolls Recipe

Jamie here!  While Kasey’s family has been doing a great job keeping processed foods out of their diet – mine hasn’t gone that route quite yet. In fact, my kids have been begging me this week to make them something they saw on Facebook called “Grilled Cheese Rolls” – and when I finally caved in and let them explain it to me, I admit I got a little excited.

SO, grilled cheese rolls are basically a carb + cheese dream team that roll around in a skilletful of sizzling butter until they resemble an egg roll.  But there’s nothing healthy inside like cabbage – just good ole’ American Cheese.  You even cut the crusts off – just to make good and certain nothing remotely healthy snuck in there.   And it’s delicious.  So. Cheesing. Delicious.

It takes a little longer to make than grilled cheese – but if you get the kids on board for cutting crusts and flattening bread – you can move it along like an assembly line with no problem.  Here’s a picture step-by-step, but keep scrolling for instructions:


Grilled Cheese Roll Recipe:

  1. Trim the crusts off your bread
  2. Flatten the bread using a rolling pin or a glass.  Place 1/2 Slice of Cheese on the bread and roll it up or fold it over twice (You can use a whole slice, but we made about 15 and didn’t want to use too much of our cheese.)
  3. Heat a couple tablespoons of butter/margarine on medium until it’s bubbly.  Place rollups seam-side down in butter until the seams are fried shut (I laid a butter knife over top of mine at the beginning to keep them still)
  4. Roll ever so often to get the whole thing golden brown.

Grilled Cheese Rolls Recipe


  • Any kind of Bread
  • Cheese (American works best)
  • Butter/Margarine


  1. Trim the crusts off the bread (save them for French Toast Fries - I'll post that shortly!)
  2. Flatten the bread using a rolling pin or a glass
  3. Lie 1/2 Slice of American Cheese on the flattened bread and carefully roll it a couple times. You may simply fold it twice if that's easier.
  4. In a skillet, melt a couple tablespoons of butter/margarine
  5. Place the rolls in the skillet, seam side down and press on them for a moment until it fries and effectively seals shut.
  6. Turn every once in awhile until the whole roll is golden brown
  7. Serve alone or to accompany soup

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