Great Free Resources for Homeschool or Crafts at Home

I don’t know about ya’ll but sometimes I have a hard time playing with my kids.  Not that I don’t want to – I just feel like I don’t know how.  I’ll start to play then before I know it I have zoned out of their land of imagination.  (I hope I’m not the only mom who does this.)  However, I really enjoy coloring with them and learning new things.  Below are a couple of different resources you might want to check out.



Pumpkin Mini Helper  Click HERE.

I understand that not everyone participates in Halloween, so when I found this freebies I thought it would be a great resource.  This Mini Helper does not mention pumpkins in relation to Halloween. It briefly covers some simple facts about pumpkins. It can be used any time throughout the year. Facts about the squash that was once recommended for removing freckles and curing snake bites! This is just a quick mini helper to learn a few facts about pumpkins. 9 pages.

This was fun and easy to do with my kids.  It was easy for my 5 year old to understand and my 7 year old really enjoyed it.  The mini book includes coloring pages as well.



No Tricks, Just Treats – Ideas for using Halloween as an outreach opportunity! Click HERE.

Here is a great resource for your family to work together and reach out on Halloween.  Especially if you stay home and hand out candy, it creates a meaninful purpose and an opportunity to sow into the lives of other children.   This resource includes ideas for creating 15 Halloween treat ideas with a Christian message.  Includes printable cards to attach to suggested candy.  The printable cards are really cute.


Halloween Coloring Book HERE.

Halloween Coloring Book Perfect for those cool fall days or when your child just isn’t in the “studying mood”.   Coloring promotes creativity and imagination.  Fun for any child who likes to or is learning to color.


Games for Halloween Parties

If you are having a Halloween Party for your little ones, listed below are a few board or card games to check out.  Each come with full instructions how to play several different games with each.

Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe Board Game -

Vintage Halloween Playing Cards -


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