*GREAT DEAL* SeeHere Photo Mug: $9.74 SHIPPED!

SeeHere (The FujiFilm website) is offering a great deal on Photo Mugs:

25% OFF + FREE Shipping!

For my money, you can’t get a much better sentimental + useful gift for $10.  I just took advantage of the offer to make a great Christmas Gift for my dad (aka: “Papaw”).  I took screenshots along my way. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for how to make yours!

1) Choose *1* photo (for the “Magic Mug”) or a few if you plan to make a Collage-style mug.

2)  Register for SeeHere. New Users get 100 FREE PRINTS for joining!

3) Choose your mug to make – then upload the photos you picked out!
Make sure to check out that “Magic Mug” it’s pretty cool! The picture starts to appear as it gets hot! I did the very basic mug for my dad – he’s a “No frills” kinda guy :)  Here’s the preview.  I added a background, text, and an effect on the photo edges.

4) Save your work and check out.  Use promo code “mug-22” to get FREE Shipping + 25% Off!  Here’s my total:

I think I’ll be giving dad this mug, and a few new fishing lures!  What more could a guy want?

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