Grab our Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Button!

Our fantabulous one-woman design team – Nicole, of ThePixel Boutique – has put a little button together for our newly launched Christmas planning project.  If you are a blogger, please consider placing this button on your site and joining us in a common goal for a peaceful Christmas!

Ways bloggers can participate over the next few months:

  • Email us at time2saveworkshops @ to contribute deals, crafts, ideas, and tips.  We’ll use them in our daily suggestions and we’ll make sure to thank you!
  • Encourage your readers to check out the series, and link to the printable pdf’s.
  • Write a post describing what you’ve been able to check off your Christmas To-Do list, pretty soon we’ll have a Christmas Progress linky for you to link to each week!

If you haven’t printed out the first page of our Purposeful, Peaceful Christmas Planner yet – you can do so by clicking the image below to get started!  You assignment for this page is to jot down your goals for this Christmas.  What traditions do you want to start/solidify?  What things do you want to have done early?  What is something you’d like to include this time around?  Read more about your first assignment HERE!

A Purposeful Peaceful Christmas
Page 1: “Tis’ The Season…

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