GoldStar Event Deals: LEGOLAND, Medieval Times, Baseball & Concert Tickets up to 50% OFF

We’ve posted about GoldStar before – but with summer coming up I thought it was a good time to remind everyone about these event deals!  (And FYI – those LEGOLAND and Medieval Times deals are back and selling out fast!)


GoldStar features great daily deals on events – get up to half-off sports events, family outings, and all sorts of fun local attractions. Here are some of the family friendly deals you can get in on for THIS WEEKEND:

  • LEGOLAND Tickets are only $9 (Reg $20.52 for Adults an $16.20 for kids)
  • Dinosauria Experience Altanta Tickets are $10 (Reg $20)
  • Medieval Times Tickets $28 – $35 (Reg $38 – $56)

If you’re looking further ahead, you’ll want to Sign Up HERE so you won’t miss a deal on something your family has been wanting to do!. They have tickets to the Atlanta Hawks, James Taylor, Penn & Teller and more!  If you or your spouse is a big sports fan – this is a great way to save on tickets!

Last  year I saved $75.76 on tickets to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament by using GoldStar to buy my tickets.

In case you’ve never heard this rant before - I.  Love.  Medieval Times.  I am a total nerd about it.  I love the castle, I love the torture museum, I love the jousting and the beautiful horses and the falconer. I love waving my flag and cheering for my knight – and I love eating a half of a chicken with my bare hands.  Sigh – it’s wonderfully silly and fun :) But also educational!  Did you see the part about the TORTURE MUSEUM?! (Not good for small kids, btw)

This would make a really cool homeschoolers trip – there are all kinds of things to see in the castle pre-show.  Depictions of Medieval life, weaponry, live in castle, etc…  They even have a whole portion of their site dedicated to educators.


But it’s SOOOO expensive!  I’d never been able to take my 4 boys – but when I got an email from GoldStar listing the tickets for 30% OFF – I couldn’t believe it!  The boys faces when we walked into the castle were totally priceless….

Nope – Medieval Times didn’t pay me anything for going on and on about them – but hey- I wish they would!  Medieval Times, if you’re listening, you could totally pay me in free tickets!

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