Gobble-Gobble: Turkey and Ham Prices for your Feast and Wallet!


If you have not grabbed your Thanksgiving feast, now is the time to run to the store!
We’ve gathered up the best deals for all your thanksgiving needs!

Best Turkey Prices:

$.24/lb RiverSide Grade A Young Turkey – H-E-B
$.49/lb Jennie-O Turkeys, (w/ additional $35 purchase excluding turkey) – Food Lion
$.57/lb Jennie-O Turkeys Frozen, 10 lb +- Bloom
$.59/lb Frozen Grade A turkey- Bi-Lo
$.59/lb Frozen Basted Turkey, 10 lb. +- Sweetbay
$.59/lb Grade A Turkeys- Winn Dixie
$.59/lb Honeysuckle Turkey – Kroger
$.59/lb Publix young turkey- Publix
$.78/lb Honeysuckle White Grade A Frozen Hen Turkey, 10-14 lb – Ingles
$.87/lb Butterball Premium Young Turkey, frozen 12-24 lb- Lowes Foods
$.97/lb Butterball Frozen Turkey- Target
$.99/lb H-E-B Fresh Turkey- H-E-B
$.99/lb Butterball Turkeys- Food Lion
$.99/lb Butterball Frozen Turkey- Bi-Lo
$.99/lb Butterball turkeys – Winn Dixie
$.99/lb Butterball Turkeys, 10 lb +- Bloom
$.99/lb Norbest Turkeys, Grade A Basted Frozen 10 lb + – Harveys
$1.09/lb Butterball Frozen Young Turkey 10-24lb- Publix
$1.19/lb Butterball Turkey, 10 lb + – Sweetbay
$1.27/lb Shady Brook Farms Fresh Turkey, 12-24 lb. – Lowes Foods
$1.29/lb Butterball Turkeys Frozen, 10 lb +- Harveys
$1.29/lb Fresh Harris Teeter Turkey, 10-24 lb- Harrie Teeter
$1.39/lb Jennie-O Turkeys, Fresh, 10 lb +- Bloom
$1.59/lb Fresh Turkey 10-24lb- Publix
$1.59/lb  Norbest Turkey Breast, Grade A Frozen – Harveys
$1.89/lb Butterball Fresh Turkey 10-24lb- Publix
$1.98/lb Butterball Fresh Turkeys, 10-24 lb average weight- Ingles


Best Ham Prices:

$1.20/lb My Essentials Shank Portion Ham- Sweetbay
$1.49/lb Smithfield or Lee’s Smoked Hams, Lean N’ Tender Shank Portion- Harveys
$1.79/lb Publix Premium Semi-Boneless ham half- Publix
$1.79/lb My Essentials Spiral Ham- Bloom
$1.89/lb Archer Farms Spiral Sliced honey Ham- Target
$1.97/lb Gwaltney Spiral Sliced Hams – Lowes foods
$1.98/lb Gwaltney Honey Glazed or Brown Sugar Spiral Half Ham- Ingles
$1.98/lb Carolina Pride Semi-Boneless Ham-Ingles
$1.99/lb Spiral Glazed Half ham- Bi-Lo
$1.99/lb Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham- Harris Teeter
$1.99/lb Winn Dixie spiral sliced half ham- Winn Dixie
$1.99/lb Carolina Pride or Smithfield Spiral Sliced Hams – Harveys
$2.49/lb Harris Teeter Traders spiral sliced Ham- Harris Teeter
$2.49/lb Kroger whole Boneless ham- Kroger
$2.69/lb Publix Spiral Sliced ham half – Publix
$3.99/lb Kentucky Legend Sliced Ham Boneless- Bloom

Coupons and rebates available:

-$2/1 Kentucky Legend Whole, Half, or Quarter Ham or Turkey Breast OR Bacon (77477)
-$5 in Coupons Rebate from Butterball Turkey
-$5/1 Bone in half ham at honey Baked ham
-$1 honeysuckle white turkey zip 77477
-$1Shady Brook Farms Turkey zip 12345

-$1 off Butterball fresh or frozen turkey, bone-in turkey breast or boneless turkey roast
-$3 off Butterball whole turkey fresh or frozen WYB (4) Heinz Homestyle gravy, Pillsbury Crescent rolls or Stove Top stuffing mix, SS 11/13
$3/1 Smithfield Spiral Ham, p.121 All You, Nov 2011 (exp 01/01/2012)
$1/1 Smithfield Quarter Boneless Ham, Boneless Sliced Ham, or Smithfield Ham Steak, p.121 All You, Nov 2011 (exp 01/01/2012)

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