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Jamie here!  One way I keep myself from getting burnt out on couponing is to shake things up a little.  When I don’t have time to get coupons together – I often stop in my local UGO for good deals.  United Grocery Outlet (or UGO) is a discount grocery chain that offers bargain prices on everything from yogurt, bread and produce to name brand cereals, snacks and frozen entrees.   They don’t accept coupons – but you can get some great deals there!

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To give you an idea of what to expect, here are just some of the things I spotted at my store this week with prices. 

Popular Name Brands


UGO carries many name brand, gluten-free, and organic items that are usually pricey.  Here are a few I found this week:

  • Lightlife Kick’n Black Bean Burgers – $1
  • Alexia Sweet Potato Rolls – $.79
  • Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Faremer’s Blend – $.79
  • McCain All Natural Seasoned Fries – $1.29 

*We LOVE the McCain Waffle fries and the Lightlife black bean burgers, I get them every time I go in!  At just $.25 per burger – you can’t hardly beat that!

Rock-Bottom Basics


Basics like bread, eggs, milk, diapers etc… are always in stock and always cheap.  Here are some prices you can expect:

  • Nature’s Own and other Breads – $.88 – $1.39
  • Eggs – $.99
  • Cereal (brands/prices vary) – $1.39 and up
  • Huggies Diapers – $6.99 (Again, brands and price will vary depending on what’s in stock)

Snacks & Kid-friendly Foods


ugo-kidfood .

UGO is also my sleepover headquarters – because even though you can’t be sure what’s in stock, you can almost always find great deals on items like Donuts, Pizza Rolls, Lunchables, cases of Yoplait Yogurt, various snack crackers, etc…

  • Lunchables Uploaded – $1.29
  • Entenmann’s Donuts – $1.29

Special  Overstock Pricing

Occasionally, UGO gets in a lot of stock of a particular item, and when they do you can often get a better deal.  For instance, Pepsi 20 oz 4-packs were just $1 for the last few weeks at my UGO because they had so many they needed to clear out.

Now for the $20 Giftcard Giveaway!

My local UGO is in Cleveland, TN (located behind the Goodwill off South Lee Hwy) and I visit so often the manager offered a giftcard to give away to our readers!  I encourage you to give them a try when you just want to head out the door WITHOUT my coupons once in awhile -  a nice little break!

To win a $20 Gift Card to any UGO store, just enter via the form below.


  • Just leave a comment in the form below letting us know if you’ve ever tried out UGO grocery – and if so, what kind of deals you find there!
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*By entering a comment, you give permission for your email address may be added to their weekly newsletter – this just lets you know what amazing bargains are happening each week!  Your email address will never be shared with any 3rd parties and you will receive only the UGO Newsletter for which you signed up.

Good Luck!

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  1. Love finding a good yogurt deal!

  2. Darena Dorsey says:

    I shop there all the time!

  3. I always check my UGO for turkey products. I get Butterball ground turkey, filets, sausages, or roasts. All at great prices, WAY cheaper than I find it anywhere else. I also got a MIO type thing this week for only .50 a bottle!?!?! Great deal, and I stocked up!

  4. I love the great deals at UGO!! If I can’t find a coupon for something we need I head to UGO first.

  5. Love shopping dairy & frozen deals at UGO!

  6. we have a UGO in south Knoxviile… my most recent favorite find has been 12 frozen tortillas for $1, and these are like home made tortillas, yummy! They also sell Wisconsin Cheese for $2. Yogurt is also usually a good deal, for a while I was able to get 12 Yo-plait greek yogurts for $2.

  7. I love shopping at UGO! Every trip is an adventure.

  8. I love shopping at UGO! Every trip is an adventure.

  9. I tried their cereal once and my kids loved it!

  10. UGO Is Awesome! Canned Goods, Cereal, Frozen Foods, Cheap Juice! Wonderful When I Can’t Coupon!

  11. I haven’t tried UGO yet, but would love to check them out for some good deals! – See more at:

  12. Ashley Lowry says:

    I haven’t been to UGO in a long time. But, I used to go and lived it! You’ve inspired me to start shopping there again.

  13. Rita Webber says:

    When I lived in Winchester, TN, I shopped at the UGO every week. Now I get to the Dayton store as often as I can. I have found some great deals there on so many things!

  14. I have been in there since I started using coupons but may need to check it out again some great prices. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I have found great prices on Fig Newtons, cereal and produce. It is fun to go because you never know what you will find!

  16. I have never shopped here. But now plan to check it out… The gift card would make it even more wonderful to shop there… Thanks for the giveaway

  17. I haven’t shopped at UGO, but it sounds like I need to check it out.

  18. UGO is my “go to” for good deals. A couple of months ago I happened upon a wonderful deal on Magnum ice cream – and we all know how yummy that is – for $1.00 a box!!!!!! Certainly those treats are EXPENSIVE in the “regular stores.” Did I buy all that was still available??? You know I did!!!!
    Thanks UGO for helping the “working man” give a little extra to his family.

  19. Beth Washington says:

    I’ve never been to UGO BUT……I will be trying to find one nearby now. Great deals! Thanks for sharing :)

  20. I love UGO. My favorite thing to get there is yogurt especially the Greek yogurt you can sometimes get for about 35 a cup. Yum

  21. I love shopping at UGO! We live just a few minutes down the road and love to go there to see what kind of deals we can find. We’ve gotten some of the same things as you (the black bean burgers and sweet potato rolls) and so many other things I can’t even think of them all right now. I love how many things you can find for a dollar or less!

  22. I haven’t been to UGO since I moved to Chattanooga from Cleveland, but I just found out there is one here in Chattanooga! Yay! I love going there and finding random cheap stuff!

  23. I love UGO. I don’t get over there as much as I would like because both the stores are about 30 minutes away so it’ s a drive for me. My favorite deal was getting a 10 pk of starquist fruit rollups for .50 a box. My son loves these so of course I got like 20 boxes. Awesome place to get deals without having to coupon. Thanks!

  24. LOVE UGO… never know what you will find!

  25. Gosh…I haven’t been there in years & I’m right by it all the time checking out Goodwill & Habitat. I need to check out it again.

  26. Yes but haven’t been in a while

  27. I love that place :)

  28. Love UGO! Got some of the most awesome items at rock bottom prices! Love it!

  29. I love UGO!!! I visit the one in Dalton frequently!

  30. I always find good deals in the refrigerated section and sometimes you can find good deals on vegetarian items in the refrigerated & frozen sections.

  31. Frankie says:

    I love this store – I just don’t get there as often as I like because I live on the other end of Cleveland. Employees are always very nice.

  32. I love UGO!!!! I find GREAT deals everytime I shop.

  33. I love UGO. It is my go to place for frozen when I am in a rush ….or forgot my coupons

  34. I love UGO. My wife knows I can go here and not have to worry about me trying to coupon…..and i still get a great deal. It can make the hero anyday

  35. Missy Hilton says:

    Love UGO. I always stop by after a holiday. They usually have cake mixes and icing for that season really cheap!

  36. I went to United and found 10 lbs of spicy chicken strips for 14.99.

  37. Never tried UGO before, but looking forward to checking them out

  38. Michele Chattin says:

    I have shopped at UGO and I used to love it!! I loved getting super cheap lunchables for my kiddos and I have even scored super cheap 24 packs of Coke products. Maybe winning a gift card would help me to love UGO again! :)

  39. I love the frozen blueberries & strawberries for $1, as well as all the Skinny Cow and other low fat ice creams!

  40. I go there weekly to pick up cheap meat!!

  41. Cheryl R. says:

    I love UGO. They usually have great prices on sandwich meat.

  42. Stephanie Ochoa says:

    I haven’t tried UGO yet, but would love to check them out for some good deals!

  43. I love to see what they have. The refrigerated section is the best.

  44. Love shopping at the Dalton UGO!!! Can always find good deals!

  45. Love sbopping at the Dalto. UGO. They have great deals!

  46. Weight watchers smart ones for $1.00. Have saved lots of money shopping at UGO.

  47. Jessica Cargile says:

    I love UGO! I shop there often! My favorite find so far is Pillsbury breakfast sandwiches, 2 per box, 3 boxes for $1! amazing! I also like buying lunch meat and hot dogs there too!

  48. Leeann Parris says:

    I love going randomly into the store. You never know what you are going to find. I always check the refridgerated section. It seems like there is usually some great lunchmeat for $.99. I tend to stock up.

  49. I just heard about this place. I love a good bargain an would love to go check it out!

  50. Suzy Gonzales says:

    I haven’t heard about it but would love to find out more an try it out!

  51. Odessa U. says:

    I have snagged some good deals on produce the last time I visited UGO

  52. Cindi K says:

    LOVE Aldi’s!!!!!

  53. We get great deals on refrigerated items….milk…and bread at our local Ugo.

  54. We get great deals on refrigerated items….milk…and bread at or local Ugo.

  55. whitney says:

    I see the ad every week in the paper for the UGO store and can’t believe the great deals they have. I haven’t made it to the Cleveland store yet, but would love to pick up some great deals to pass out to my extended family and friends!

  56. Stephanie says:

    I enjoy scouting out the good deals we can find at UGO. We really like the juice and recently found yoplait go gurts for .50. My kids were thrilled.

  57. I have heard of a lot of deals at the one in dalton but I haven’t been in yet, I need to check it out soon.

  58. I love UGO. I shop at the one in Fort Payne,AL. The dairy and refrigerated sections are the best. I also check the last chance section for even better deals!

  59. I went today n all cases of yogurt were $1.99!!! I buy my milk there for $2.99.

  60. Tori L. says:

    I haven’t but I clearly need to check them out!

  61. There’s a UGO less than 10 minutes from my house, so I shop there every week or 2. Love to see what deals they have each week.

  62. Julia Morrison says:

    I love UGO. I find the best deals on lunchables there. I don’t buy them at the normal stores because they cost to much but can find them there for $1.00

  63. Kristen says:

    I love shopping at UGO! I like going to look at their frozen section, my top finds have been 3/$1 Pillsbury Breakfast Sandwiches and recently I found a LARGE pack of yoplait smoothie mix (10 servings in the bag) for only $1!!!

  64. tabatha says:

    I shop at the one in Dalton,Ga and I have found some really good deals there.Like lunch meats,cheese,corn dogs I could go on and on!

  65. Jennifer E. says:

    I use the same one you use…The one off South Lee Hwy in Cleveland…I look for good deals on anything and everything…I love the dairy as well.

  66. I enjoy shopping at UGO for their great deals and bargains! In this economy we all need good prices to feed our families.

  67. christy says:

    yes! love the refridgerated section the best…good dairy prices and pkgd sandwich meats! oh and of course bread prices!

  68. Anne Merriam says:

    I to go to UGO and prowl for deals. The one on Hwy. 58 has recently expanded and made the store much neater so it is easier to see all the good deals they have. Milk is always at a good price and they have Mayfields.

  69. Jennifer Bray says:

    We love UGO and gotten everything from juice to steaks. Its fun because you never know what treasures you will find for CHEAP!!

  70. I have shopped at UGO and gotten great prices on ice cream, cheese and yogurt.

  71. There is one close to my house on Hwy 58, but I have never really been in there to give them a shot. Would love to get great deals on bread, cheese and yogurt!

  72. Heather Freeman says:

    Growing up my mom would always shop there and the thing I remember most is their great deal on fried chicken tenders, they only needed heating in the toaster oven and they were sooo good!

  73. I have never tried this store but winning a gift card would be a good reason to go!

  74. charlene says:

    I love to check in at UGO to see what great deals I can find.


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