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We’ve completed our devotion, the 7-day Doubt Diet, companion to A Confident Heartby Renee Swope.  I just wanted to thank everyone who followed along.  It was perfect timing for my own life, I hope that you have been encouraged.

Giveaways! Lots of ways to Enter!  Ends tonight 11:59pm (PST)

We are giving away 4 copies of Renee’s book, “A Confident Heart,” $50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card, $25 Kroger Gift Card, and a $20 Target Gift Card. Plus we’ve added 3 packs of coupon holders (10 per pack).

New Entry Option: In today’s devotion, day 7 we talked about fear of failure. Are you afraid of failing? Do you recognize God’s ability to redeem us from our failures?

How to Enter:
  • Leave a comment – What’s the first doubt or insecurity that pops into your mind.below
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The giveaway is open until Sunday, September 18th at 11:59 PST to US residents only. Winners will be notified by email. After 48hours if there is no response a new winner will be chosen.
We’ve finished up our 7-day Doubt Diet.  Below I have listed the link to each days devotion.  If you haven’t signed up, don’t put it off – YOU are worth it. You can still get your free copy ( free HERE). If you haven’t started yet, it’s okay. Each post remains available for your reference anytime, anywhere at your convenience. It couldn’t get any easier than that.


  1. Melanie Morin says:

    Sometimes I’m insecure about how I look… I tend to compare myself to others a lot.

  2. Following Renee Swipe on twitter

  3. Following Time2$ on twitter

  4. Heather Abbott says:

    Insecurity…I’m not the best mother I can be.

  5. Christyn Mckenna says:
  6. Christyn Mckenna says:

    Following @ReneeSwope on twitter

  7. Christyn Mckenna says:

    Following Time2Save on Twitter

  8. Christyn Mckenna says:

    Im now friends with A Confident Heart by Renee Swope on facebook

  9. Christyn Mckenna says:

    Im already friends with Time to save on facebook!


  10. Christyn Mckenna says:

    My first doubt or insecurity that pops into my head would be am i leading my daughter to a good path. Im a first time mom so im always questioning whats right and wrong and how should i do something.

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