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Tell us a memorable/funny restaurant experience you’ve had with KIDS!

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We all know they make life more interesting – so let’s share how they make eating out more interesting!  And no, all you single ladies – they don’t even have to be your kids – just kids in general.

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  1. Jay says

    Ok this wasn’t funny but memorable. When my nephews were toddlers we got them milk from a TGI fridays. They would take sips but not drink a lot (they were huge milk drinkers so we knew this was strange). Mom opened the sippy cups and the milk was sour! We got our money back but on our way home they both vomited and got sick!! Now even 10 years later we check the milk for our kids.

  2. Susan says

    Our family recently went out for Sunday lunch. We decided to try a new Japanese restaurant over thirty minutes from our home. Yes, we had a coupon! So we walked in and it was a quiet atmosphere (elegant decorations and dim lighting) and we sat at a table in the corner. Keep in mind I have two boys-age 7 and age 4. Anyway, my youngest is very comical and we all were talking about what we wanted to order. I had decided I wanted Hibachi steak, Landon-my oldest said the same thing and then Drew (age 4) said he wanted “Cha chee steak!” We all began laughing at the table and could not control ourselves. My husband usually can keep it together, but he even started laughing. Luckily, there was only one other couple close by that might have heard us all talking about our menu selection. We will always remember this story b/c we love eating Japanese food and we also love Hibachi steak :)

  3. Allison Middleton says

    OK this is an oldie but a good one. My parents took the grandkids out for a nice meal. So there was two of them vs four kids. The tables had tableclothes and they did not have kid drinks so the kids just got glasses just like the adults. Well Mom was worried about someone spilling them so she would was watch them carefully anytime they went for there glass. Well my son almost knocked his over but my caught it but in saving that one she knocked over three more glasses knocking and soaking the table cloth. So the wait staff had to clear the table and did not put another table cloth back on. As soon as I heard this I was laughing so hard my sides hurt and still to this day I will not let her live this down.

  4. Emmy Roberts says

    Oh my goodness this just happened to us. We took the kids to Waffle House and were enjoying our dinner. My daughter kept talking to the waitress everytime she came to check on us. At the end of our meal my sweet innocent little 4 year old looks at the waitress and said, “Hey, why you only got one tooth!” OMG!!! My husband and I could have died. How do you recover from that?

  5. Judi says

    We went to lunch after church with friends and their three children. The server did not bring out all our meals at one time, but they gave one of the children who was about 12 my husband’s meal. The kid was hungry and rather than complain, he started to eat. The mix-up was discovered when the plate she put in front of my husband was not what he had ordered. The waitress quickly scooped up the wrong plate and replaced it with the correct meal. Then, she turned to my husband and placed the meal that had already been eaten from by the child in front of him and turned and walked away. We adults had a good laugh, but we did call the server back and requested a fresh plate. I’m sure that the restaurant was surprised when the report from the mystery shop came in.

  6. Denise Smith Brooks says

    I also posted this on your Facebook as well…This is so embarrasing but here it goes: while eating out at a local restaurant a few years ago, my then 2 year old daughter had to go the restroom. While i was in there i decided i might as well go too. Well, i forgot it was that “time” and she saw my sanitary napkin when i pulled my pants down. She said “mama, u doo-doo on yourself?” Not sure what to say I quickly said “no its blood” and changed the subject. Well after we got back to the table the waiter came to take our order. As the waiter was waiting for our responses, my daughter politely says “my mama’s pee-pee got a boo-boo”!!! Thank god he couldnt really understand what she was really saying!!

  7. leslie says

    Do unborn children count? ‘Cause my water broke in the middle of dinner at the local Japenese steakhouse. The owner nearly had a heart attack. I was mortified as I walked out, wearing a soaking wet dress, and got a standing ovation! On a side note: we waited until my husband finished eating before leaving for the hospital!…MEN!

  8. meeyeehere says

    This isn’t really that funny,it’s kind of gross but it’s all I got. I was at a fast food chain with my niece and my baby boy and my niece was just acting wild and would not listen,terrible twos! So She got on the table and stood up and I said you better get down because I’m mad as piss! My niece then peed while standing on the table.She was wearing a dress so it went everywhere! OH MY! It was just terrible and my sister had to clean that place up and the people working there were really angry too.

  9. Tammy says

    One of the best experiences I have had is when we went out with my mom-in-law and sis-in-law for a girls’ lunch. I asked what my 2-year-old daughter wanted so I could tell the waiter when he came back. When I was getting ready to order for her, she firmly informed me that she was going to do it herself and proceeded to order a cup of water as well. Miss Independent she is!

  10. Amy Allen says

    I posted this on your facebook comments, but then thought maybe I should have posted it here…
    While at Kanpai, sitting around a table close to a group of motorcycle-riding men, my friend’s son stood up and said very loudly, “Excuse me, but the reason we are here tonight is that no one in my family has said a cuss word all week!” After a little awkward silence, the group of bikers applauded for him. My humiliated friend tried to explain that in their house, that meant no one had said “Shut up,” that week.

  11. says

    Although this doesn’t refer to a specific time (because she does it every time), I feel like the Three Stooges when we sit down to a table (especially one that hasn’t been cleared yet) and I have to grab at items with both hands to get them away from my 1 1/2 year old daughter. Salt, pepper, ketchup, napkins, straws, crackers, hot sauce…..she sweeps it all into her lap as quick as she can, grabs the edge of my drink cup, and laughs the whole time. Ah, to be young again!

  12. GammyGiGi says

    I read coupon sites frequently for months but have never left a comment; However, this one I CAN NOT RESIST.
    We took my 2 year old grand daughter to a japanese restaurant. Ya know, the kind you sit at with other people while the wonderful chefs put on a cooking display full of fire, tossing eggs, and making smoking volcanos out of sliced rings of onions and vegetable oil. Our wait on a table was taking a while, so i occupied little Savanna with a cultural tour of the restaurant. There were 2 sumo wrestler statues that were colorful and life like and as large as they would be in real life, maybe a little larger. She asked: “GiGi, what’s that? I told her that it is a sumo wrestler from Japan and that they have to be a fat man and they wear something that looks like a diaper just like her” She enjoyed the tour, but time came to go to our table. We were the first to be seated. Of course you know where this is going. The last person to be seated at the table was a very beautiful, sweet lady that well exceded 500 pounds. Savanna was so excited when she saw the lady. She stood up in her high chair and pointed to the lady saying “Look! Look GiGi it is a fat man! Hey fatman where is your diaper! Absolutely feeling like I could crawl under a pregnant snake I said. “Im sorry baby, we didn’t bring your Batman. I did bring you this coloring book and crayons for you to play with instead” Still to this day, I pray that precious lady did not hear her. But lesson learned. I now choose my words very carefully.

    • Jamie says

      Hahahahaha!! This is so fun guys – I am LOVING hearing about your restaurant stories! Keep ‘em coming!!

  13. Christy says

    Last year on a family vacation, we were eating at a seafood place in Destin. I ordered crab legs and my cousin’s 8yo son Andrew was very interested in my plate as he had never seen crab legs before. He is very very funny about smells and kind of a neat freak, but he wanted to try them, so I shared. We had the waitress bring out another ‘cracker’ so he could shell the crab legs. He especially wanted a ‘claw’ so I gave him those. He was having some trouble cracking it and really squeezing hard and suddenly – pop – the whole table and Andrew was covered in bits of crab meat – even his eyelashes! We all froze because we were afraid that Andrew would freak out about the smell and mess. Instead, he just died laughing….and so did we. We were all relieved that he didn’t get upset about it and it was pretty funny to see Mr. Neat covered in crab meat!

  14. Amber says

    While on vacation with my family, we were eating at a really nice restaurant. My Aunt, Uncle, and my two cousins were there with us. My oldest cousin was about 2 years old at the time and loved to play with trucks and bulldozers and air planes. My Aunt, who was sitting next to my cousin, had ordered a lobster tail and had already finished her meal. We were all talking, and my cousin must have gotten really bored with just eating and talking. Because, out of nowhere, we suddenly heard the words “Lobster Flying”. My cousin had taken the empty lobster tail shell off of my Aunt’s plate and filled it up with all of the garnishes from our plates and was flying the shell all through the air with a giant grin on his face. Green garnish and lobster juice was flying all over the place, including all over us. We were all laughing so much that we couldn’t even tell him that that wasn’t such a great idea in the middle of such a nice restaurant. :)

  15. Mandy says

    My dear daughter puking at the dinner table. Not just once but also another day at another restaurant. She has a serious gag reflex so eating can be “fun” if you know what I mean!

  16. Melinda says

    A very memorable eating-out experience with children for me was taking my entire kindergarten class to the pizza buffet after a field trip to the nearby pumpkin patch. The pizza place was absolutely wonderful and arranged to have the workers bring entire pizzas out to the kids at the tables and booths. My assistant and I were VERY busy getting ice, drinks, and passing out pieces of pizza-but it was a great experience! The kids were well-behaved for the most part and were so excited to be out and about with their class. I teach in a low-income area and for some of the kids it was a highlight of the year to go pick pumpkins and then get pizza in a restaurant.

  17. Rachel says

    Our 1 year old daughter likes to be the center of attention. We ate at Cracker Barrel once and she kept smiling at everyone and clapping. In a few minutes she had 3 tables behind us clapping with her :)

  18. says

    When you children are grown there will always be those special incidents that just stand out in your mind. Mine is of my son, his best friend and his Mom and me. The boy’s had played a ball game and of course were starving. At 10 or 11 they stay starving. My son was a small child, skinny and some days you would think he never ate. His friend was a polar opposite. Let’s just say he was a very healthy looking little boy. We went to Ryan’s to eat. My son kept going back and getting plate after plate and emptying them. He had this huge stack of plates beside him he had emptied. The waitress picked them up and made a comment about how many plates he had. I don’t think she thought he was eating that much. We were sitting there and my son was just inhaling the food not slowing down at all. His best friend stopped eating and kinda pushed his plate back. His Mom told him he had to clear his plate, she took his fork and starting raking his food up so he could get a good bite and was just encoraging him to eat. Almost forcing him. All of a sudden it just hit me and I started laughing, almost uncontrolably. About that time it hit my friend and she starting laughing too. I said what is not right about this picture? My son still hadn’t looked up from his plate and she was force feeding hers. Mine being this little skinny boy who looked starved and her son was the heathy one that looked like he ate all the time. Everytime we are together and think about it we both start laughing all over again. It may be one of those things that you needed to be there for but it is a memory we will never forget and it has given us many laughs through the years.

  19. jessica says

    one time when my little girl was about 2, I took her to Old Charley’s for dinner. She was sitting accross from me at the table. She was tired and before I knew it, she fell asleep and fell into the floor. It was sad, but funny all at the same time

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