Give The Gift of Dignity This Christmas!


The is a guest post by Holly Duncan.  Several years ago Holly helped organize and host a Time 2 $ave Couponing Workshop at her home church in Atlanta.  She recently contacted us about an amazing project that she is involved in that helps parents during the Christmas Season provide presents for their own families.  If  you live near the Atlanta, GA area this is a great opportunity to be a blessings this year.



Don’t you just love buying gifts at Christmas? Whether they’re for your family, friends, or someone in need, it’s just fun to be able to share gifts to celebrate this special season! Many of us will be looking for a way to give back to our community. Churches, businesses, and individuals often sponsor organizations that provide toys to families at Christmas.

Bob Lupton, founder of FCS Urban Ministries in Atlanta, says that years ago he operated this kind of ministry which “spread a lot of joy”. However, once his family moved into the urban community into which his church was sending toys, he got different perspective on the program. He recalls being in a neighbor’s home when the gift-bearing families arrived, “The kids were very excited! The moms were gracious, but a little subdued. But if there was a dad in the home he would just disappear”. He realized that these parents were being stripped of their dignity, despite the best of intentions, and he determined that “this was a price too high for families to have to pay”!

The next year FCS invited churches and individuals to contribute as they always had, but asked them to add an extra gift to their donation—the gift of dignity for dads! They took the donated gifts, marked them at an affordable price, and set up a Christmas Shoppe in their Marketplace (thrift) store.  “Pride for Parents” became the cornerstone of the Christmas season in Historic South Atlanta, maintaining parents’ dignity and providing urban families the same opportunity to provide gifts for their children that most parents enjoy, but that might not be possible at department store prices.

The tradition continues, and you are invited to participate! When you donate to Pride for Parents your gift triples: the gift of a toy for a child who receives it on Christmas, the gift of pride for a parent who purchased the gift of their own means, and the gift of a job for someone working in the Marketplace all year long! New this year, Pride for Parents is partnering with two organizations in northeast Atlanta to do a satellite event—Good Neighbor Christmas!

Good Neighbor Christmas will be a two day Shoppe on Dec 8 & 9. You are invited to participate by donating toys, or volunteering.  All the information you need can be found at And if you miss this event you can still participate in the South Atlanta store which runs through Christmas Eve!

May your family be blessed this season by the gifts you share together and the ones you share with others! Merry Christmas!

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