Gevalia | *WOW* Coffeemaker and (4) Gourmet Coffees for $9.99 (Great Mother’s Day Gift)

For a super-limited time you can get a Gevalia Coffeemaker + Choose (4) Gourmet Coffees or Teas for  $9.99!     Sign up HERE before this awesome deal ends!

This would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift – and since I need a new coffeemaker anyway – and would’ve spend at least $20 – this is a great way to get it and score some bonus gourmet flavored coffee on the side!  (By the way, these coffees are delicious, I’ve ordered them in the past!)

This “Classic” coffeemaker is full programmable, 12-cups and gets great reviews – however if you’re looking for something fancier, you might want to check out the deal they’re running for a Stainless Steep Coffeemaker and Scoop (+ 4 Coffees) for $24.95!

*NOTE: You have to agree to sign up for their auto-delivery, but you can cancel as soon as you receive this promotional box – in FACT, it comes with a cancellation phone number on a card right inside the box :)  Shipping is just only $5.95 – such a great deal!

Review of the Gevalia Coffeemaker – a $59 Value:

7 years ago we got our first Coffee Maker straight from Gevalia! After all this time, brewing 2+ cups each day, it started to show signs of aging. Still, we packed it for our move and the carafe sadly broke in transit. Good time to buy a new coffee maker, we thought! We tried a few different brands sold at a few department store and hated them!! Who would think the ‘latest models’ built with so many ‘bells and whistles’ would dissapoint so much!!! So we decided to go back to the best… THANKS GEVALIA!! We now enjoy a GREAT cup of Java once again!! STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW… and what works!! This coffee maker is still programable yet so simple to operate. Very sturdy, glass carafe, looks great in our kitchen, and most importantly, brews a great cup of coffee!!! Highly recommend.


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