Get FREE GiftPacks from RightatHome!

(Photo courtesy of MyBatonRougeMommy)

Have you registered with RightAtHome yet?  Each month, RightAtHome (an SC Johnson website) offers a fun freebie gift pack – July’s gift was a Back-To-School package from Ziploc, June’s was a Glade Gift Pack (See above photo) – and for August, who knows??!

Just go HERE to sign up – and you’ll also be able to print high-value coupons for SCJohnson products like Glade, Ziploc, Pledge, and tons of others!


  1. Amanda says

    I just got done with your class and I am having trouble finding out how to get to the page where you told us the deals are spelled out and marked with all the coupons available. Where is this page?

    Thank You,

    • Jamie says

      Hi Amanda!

      The “What Now?” Grocery Post is located here:

      But to find it yourself – just go to the top navigation bar where it says “Getting Started” & hover over it. A dropdown menu will appear, and one of the choices on the menu is “What Now?” That’s the choice you want!

      There is no “What Now?” for Drugstores yet, that will probably be up on Monday – after I’ve completed them all and checked for extra deals :)

      Have a lovely weekend!

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