Gardening 101: How to Prepare a Vegetable Garden


We are just about ready to transplant our little seedlings into our garden.  I thought I would share how to prepare a garden if you happen to be a newbie.  This is our second year planting a vegetable garden, I still have so much to learn but feel light years ahead of where we were last year this time.

Preparing your vegetable garden will take some time and energy, but will make planting day so much easier and the harvest more successful! If you are preparing to plant yours, you may have some questions. How do you know if you are doing it right? Luckily, below you will find tips on how to prepare a vegetable garden!

How to Prepare a Vegetable Garden:

1. Clean out the garden.
Remove any dead plants from the previous gardening year. Remove large rocks, decorations, or any items stored in that space over the winter. Get rid of any vines, branches, and dead leaves and leave nothing but a clean and open space.

2. Start tilling.
A motorized tiller works the best to loosen up the soil and mix the roots up. As you are tilling you will want to take any large clumps of soil and separate them. Till multiple times if at all possible.

3. Apply your fertilizer (either commercial or natural)
Fertilizing can be done prior to tilling also. The tiller will mix the fertilizer deep into the soil, so you will want to watch how much you apply and be sure to have a good mixture of soil and fertilizer. Fertilizer is important as it is food for your garden so don’t skip this step.

4. Level the garden.
This will help during the growing season to prevent any areas that become too damp and the water will sit there, as well as high areas that will not receive enough moisture. Think of it as leveling the playing field so to speak and giving all of your plants an equal opportunity!

Four steps is it! Can you believe it? And here you thought you would be stuck with hour upon hour of back breaking work! Actually, if you do these four steps thoroughly you will do everything that is required for a productive vegetable garden. Once you do these steps, you are all ready for planting!

Now, just round up your tools, your plants, and get ready to start planting. Your soil will be soft and nourished and ready to perform for you. A string start is key, so don’t skimp on these steps. Instead, invest some time in them and do it right! Your garden will thank you!

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