Garden Know How: Top Ten Vegetable Garden Tips

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When planning your first vegetable garden, or even your second or third, you might want to know the tips and tricks to help your garden perform its very best. Gardeners in all stages can benefit from tidbits of advice to help their garden grow. Below, you will find an assortment of helpful vegetable garden tips to help you make the most of the growing season. Whether you’re planting in pots or a large plot, here are a few tips to get your thumb a little greener!

Top Ten Vegetable Garden Tips

1. Check the drainage.
You don’t want your plants to drown so use this simple trick. Drench the soil with water and  wait 24 hours. Then take a handful and give it a squeeze. If it is still saturated with water, you need to improve your soil drainage by adding compost.

2. Pull up the weeds.
Weeds are bad! Pull daily for best results.

3. Check your soil.
Dry soil will kill your plants in a matter of days. Add some organic matter to help improve soil conditions.

4. Check acidity.
Acid needs to monitored.  A simple test kit from your garden store can be your best friend.

5. Till your soil.
Till till till away! Turning the soil over often before starting will create a good growing environment.

6. Feed your soil.
Feed the soil and you feed your plants. Plants love nitrogen, so sprinkle a pint of soybean meal on soil for a boost.

7. Buy fresh seeds.
Many seeds do not store well, so you will want to start fresh every year.

8. Buy a watering can of at least 5 liters.
Water is important so buy a good watering can. .

9. Buy soil testing kit.
Testing kits are great for identifying the pH of your soil.

10. Pick excellent plants!

Some prime choices include:

  • Carrots
  • lettuces and other salad-worthy greens.
  • beans
  • Thyme
  • dill
  • sage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbages
  • Onions

So what are you waiting for? Get planting that vegetable garden using these excellent tips! The garden of your dreams is at your fingertips!


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