Fun Coupon Lingo (For the truly nerdy)


Well, after a long day of posting grocery deals and getting my kids backpacks fully stocked – it’s time for a little bit of fun!  You guys probably know already that we have a “Coupon Lingo” list to help you decipher the weird language we couponers use.

But I thought – you know, there are lots more terms I used amongst my couponing friends that we just make up on the spot.  Here are some that have snuck into my own coupon dictionary (or should be there) – what are some you think should join the list?  Do you have any silly lingo to describe part of the coupon world?  We wanna hear ‘em!

Un-Official Coupon Lingo:

“Coupon Fairy” – Those sweet souls who flit around leaving extra coupons on the shelves for others!

“Catalina Diving” – When you rifle through a trash can, pile of receipts, or inspect the cart corral for abandoned catalina coupons.

“Cashier Profiling” – Trying to decide which cashier looks like they’ll give you the least amount of deep sighs and dirty looks before advancing into a line.

“Stockpile Pride” - Getting a little secret joy as you put away the last of the extra groceries on into your stockpile shelving, glance at the results of your hard work, and note approvingly that not only do you have enough to last your family a good long while, but you have enough to give away!

“Beerpads” – Tearpads in the beer aisle involving a rebate or instant savings related to beer purchase (You DON’T always need to buy the beer)

“Pealing” – Stealing a peelie from a package when you’re not buying it, leaving the sad shiny square that a coupon once called home :(

“Blinkie Bandit” – Couponer who holds a stake-out in front of a blinkie machine taking over and over and over (Shame on you!)

“A Raincheck Run” – When your well-planned grocery trip turns into an empty cart and a hand full of rainchecks – empty shelves are so often a fact of life!  But a raincheck makes it all more bearable :)


  1. Adney says

    I see alot of ppl in my neighborhood that I call “coupon divas’. They’re the ones who have only jumped on the coupon bandwagon b/c it’s “trendy”. They tote around their GIANT, unorganized binder, millions of reusable bags, and really seem to have no idea how it really works, they just want to look like they do.

    Oh, and I think you forgot to add the beer aisle link. :)


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