Frugal Christmas Gift: Lazy Girl’s Cookie Mix in a Jar

I’m always on the lookout for Frugal Christmas Gift ideas.  Although I do lots of holiday baking – somehow my kids manage to eat most of the spoils – leaving me very little in the way of giftable treats. Being the procrastinator that I am, I usually find myself looking around my house for something that I can turn into a last-minute frugal Christmas Gift.  Hence the birth of Lazy Girl’s Cooke Mix in a Jar! 

Now I won’t lie to you – this is 100% CHEATING, and yes – I admit that this makes me a baking traitor.  But as long as the cookies are yummy and noone is the wiser, I don’t see a problem with a little “Semi-Homemade” ;)

First – you’ll need a mason jar and a bag of cookie mix.  I had picked up some cheap Betty Crocker cookie mix at Bi-Lo this past week for $.80 after coupons.

Pour the cookie mix into the jar – and then fill the top with chocolate chunks, granola, M&M’s or some other candy to give it that layered look.

Also – I would recommend using a mix that looks a little more rustic than sugar cookies – like Granola Chocolate Chip!

To make it “Gifty” – Add an easy bow by tying a ribbon around a rubber band or hair tie.  Stretch the rubber hand around the mouth of your jar.

Tuck a candy cane into the rubber band for an extra bit of festive flair!

Next – copy out the instructions for how to bake the cookies from the back of the bag.  I wrote mine on the back of an index card, and folded it in half.  I trimmed it into a pretty small square so it could be taped to the back of a gift tag.

String a gift tag around the jar with the instructions taped to the back – and Voila!  Instant holiday baking gift!


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