Freeze School Lunches | Make a Week of Sandwiches in One Night

Are you bad at mornings?  Here’s a great tip for making school lunches in advance!

I’m a terrible morning person, and an incorrigible night owl.  Give me something I can do at night so I can sleep in 5 more minutes, and I’m sold.  This is one of those tips that might just change your life if you’re a night owl….

Make the whole week’s worth of school lunch sanwiches ahead of time.  Then put each one in a ziploc bag and store in the freezer. When you toss them in the kids’ lunch bag the next morning, it will be perfectly thawed and soft by lunchtime!

I’ve done this for my kids for the last couple years – and was worried at first that it would get soggy from freezing and thawing.  They said no – that it tasted soft and normal – so I give it a thumbs up!  Their lunch bags are a lot like this one here.

*For sandwiches with condiments, leave them plain and include packets of mayo, etc.. in their lunchbox.

I have some picky kids who only like peanut butter, or ones who like turkey and cheese, etc…  To tell the difference, I draw faces on the baggies in permanent markers in different colors.  You can also write an initial on the bag, or whatever you want – but come on, these are just fun… :)


I bet this would also be handy for those of you with kids in sports who do sandwiches for supper once in awhile – just stock a corner of your freezer with grab-n-go sammies and save yourself the hassle when you’re in a crunch!

Do you have any little tips that make your life run more smoothly?  Please share them with us so we can try them out on our families!!


  1. lillie says

    I do this for the 4 of my kids…I purchased an “uncrustable maker” from Pampered Chef a few years ago and make our PB&J uncrustables and freeze them. I purchase bread from the bread store for 69cent a loaf and use from a stockpile of PB&J. That little gadget was a GREAT investment.

  2. Tiffany says

    I do something similar – but my kids like “roll-ups”…love those free tortillas just for this purpose. I take a tortilla, spread some Philly cooking creme on it, add turkey or ham, a little spinach and roll it up. Freeze in the freezer on a sheet tray, then remove and cut into “coins”. These make great alternatives to sandwiches.

    Also – I get veggies ready for lunches by packaging them in reusable bags and keep them in a plastic shoebox on a shelf in the fridge – makes for quick “grab and go” packing in the morning.


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