Freebie Friday Father’s Day Edition 6/17

Are you still trying to figure out some ideas for that Father’s Day gift??  Even though it is around the corner, there are some freebies that could make his day feel a little more special. 

Fun Freebie for Dad:

Guys always like to wear t-shirts.  So why not make a personalized custom one just for them?  It could be about grilling, from the heart or being the world’s greatest dad…etc
Customized t-shirt for $2 from Vista Print 

Other Fun Freebies:

If your Father is overseas in the U.S. Military you can request a Scion Military  Care Package.  These are filled with tons of goodies!
This would be a great way to show appreciation to our troops, they don’t have to be a “Father,”  I think they all deserve one just because. :)

Be sure to check out Restaurant Freebies for Dad!

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