FREE Vinyl Wall Art ($25 Value)

I was just browsing around the web, looking for creative gift ideas and ran across this website that is offering FREE vinyl wall art with promo code SASFREE ($25 value).  Pay only shipping and handling.  Sometimes deals sound too good to be true, so I thought I would try this code to make sure that it worked.  Yippie it did – see screen shots below:

The website is called Love Lettering click HERE to take a look around.   The words around the picture above reminded me, of how fast time goes by.  My children have grown so quickly I don’t want to be too busy to take pictures of them.  Actually, I do okay with pictures but am terrible at getting them printed.  I don’t know why I haven’t taken advantage of every single free printing deal we post.  I have a new goal – to get all the pictures saved on my computer printed.  I’m starting right now with the 125 free prints that Jamie posted a couple of days ago.  If you missed it too, click here for details.

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