FREE Valentine’s Printable Coupon Booklet!



Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away - and if you’re still racking your brain to think of something special to do for your sweetie-pie, this Free Valentine’s Printable Coupon Booklet might be just the ticket! Honestly – what could be a more perfect gift than your own time & talents?

You know best what makes the one you love the MOST happy – maybe it’s 2 Scoops of Prailines & Cream at Baskin Robbins, or perhaps it’s a 30-Minute Backrub with their favorite lotion, or better yet – a night of watching ridiculous girl shows on the CW together, without even ONE snarky comment being uttered! Okay, I admit it – these are some of my happy-triggers :) (jamie)

Whatever makes them happy, you can give it to them with a free Valentine’s Printable Coupon Booklet.

Our friend Cortney (who is super talented and creative – check out her photography site here!) created this cute “Love” Coupon Booklet template – you can print them out for free HERE!

  1. Print out a couple sheets by clicking the print icon at the bottom of the image (There are 3 coupons per sheet)
  2. Write in something sweet on each coupon.
  3. Write a mixture of sweet and sassy favors – just to make things more fun!
  4. Staple it or – if you have one – use a hole punch on the end. Lace a pretty ribbon through the hole and tie a bow to hold your booklet together.
  5. Voila! Valentine Gift Accomplished!

What kinds of coupons would you give? Give us some ideas!


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