Free Printable Valentine Cards: Mustache Valentines!


Free Printable Valentine Mustache Cards

Here’s a fun Valentine printable card project that will work for any age child, boy or girl, and is cheap and easy!

Jamie here! This is my kitchen table a few years ago, the night before Valentine’s Day….   we made these awesome Mustache Valentines and my kids loved them so much they asked to do it again this year.  As you can see by this photo of my kitchen table last Valentine’s Eve – I was up to my elbows in fake mustache hair and fake lips. ;)

Here’s how to make these cute valentines and also a free printable template:



First, pick up this inexpensive pack of fake mustaches – trust me it’s WAY cheaper than anywhere else I’ve looked. ;)

Mustache Party – 36 Self-Adhesive Mustaches - Only $6.25 + FREE Prime Shipping

Next, we cut them apart (they’re all adhered to a piece of cardstock) and pressed a piece of tape behind the cardstock to attach it to the front of our “Valentines”. For our Valentines, we went the super easy route.

We just printed the words “I Mustache You A Question…. Will you be my Valentine?” out in a big Western font, leaving a large space in the middle for the mustache to be stuck on.

Although the girls in our class wanted mustaches too, you might want to do LIPS for the girls.  Just cut out lips and attach to a bendy straw so they can hold it up to their face like a photo booth prop.  Here’s what we wrote as our messages.

Valentine Mustache & Lips Messages:

  • BOYS: “I mustache you a question – will you be my Valentine?”
  • GIRLS: “I’m all out of flowers – I hope you like these ‘Two-Lips’! “


Printable can be found at DesignDazzle

If you want to get fancier than that – there’s a cute Free Printable Valentine’s Card with a mustache slogan above – which is adorable – but may waste a TON of ink :)

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