FREE T-shirt from VistaPrint!

Yesterday, Kasey mentioned that she made herself an encouraging shirt with a Bible Verse on it – and she used the Vista Print Free T-shirt deal to get it.  You can get a Free tee too, just USE THIS LINK to see the offer.  A couple readers emailed with questions on how to make it free – as theirs was not – and I wanted to point out that there are  Free T-shirt designs to choose from in this offer, so you have to make sure to pick one only of the 24.

Update:  Kasey went back to her post yesterday and added step by step instructions how to order the FREE T-Shirt and customize it.

Want more than 24 options?

GO HERE and choose the ladies short sleeve premium shirt (They’re on sale for $2.80 right now – reg. $14!)  You can choose from over 1400 designs for that price in the ladies fitted shirt – so go crazy with it!

If you were to make a shirt with something encouraging on it for yourself – what would it say?


  1. Angie says

    I made a free shirt (well, kinda, I had to get the plus size) that was fun last time they did the promotion. It said “I heart coupons” with a big heart on it. This time I made one for me that has the grocery bag with a big smiley mouth that says, “Oh! I have a coupon for that!”. I also made one for my daughter that’s in college that covers her Nutella addiction. She can eat the whole jar with a spoon in one day! Good thing she’s college softball player and can work it off! It says, “I heart Nutella!” She is going to be so excited! I don’t know if I can save it untill Christmas.

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