FREE Subscription to Savings Club! (Extra Rare Coupons)


It’s Wednesday – which means GROCERY STORE DAY for all of us couponers!  I just wanted to remind everyone of this very awesome deal – get a FREE 1-Year Subscription to the Savings Club!  This normally costs around $30 per year  and gives you access to higher-value coupons than normally available to print.  It’s an exclusive club for couponers only – and for a limited time only – they’re giving away free memberships….  Here’s the scoop: is celebrating their 1-Year Birthday by giving away FREE 1-Year Memberships to their Exclusive Savings Club!!  (Reg. $30 per year)

Members of the Savings Club (Yep – I’m one!) are able to print a group of coupons that non-members can’t.  These coupons are often rare, higher-value than usual, and they change up every month!  Just GO HERE and enter code BIRTHDAY to get your free year before this promotion ends…..

*You’ll be asked to enter a CC # at checkout, but you won’t be charged unless you keep your Savings Club membership past your 1-Year trial period.


  1. Chantal says

    I did it back when they were giving the 30 days free and after your trial is up they do charge you BUT they send out notices before you are charged showing what you are going to be charged and you can cancel at any time. They have pretty nice coupons and it’s well worth it to me.

    Jamie- Chris signed up, thanks for posting it :)

  2. says

    Agreed. I won’t leave a credit card number either. I don’t want “auto renewal.” Just ask for my name, address, and email and sign me up. Then, when my year’s up give me the opportunity to join at the regular $30 price. Otherwise, it’s not “free.” It’s one more place that has my credit card number. Booo to

  3. Savannah says

    Careful folks…. THIS REQUIRES YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO! Who knows if they’d charge it after the free year trial? Maybe it’s just me… but I totally don’t feel comfortable giving out my credit card info for “free stuff”.


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