FREE Pixable Photo Book!

Do you have tons of photos on Facebook (Or Flickr, or Picasa, etc..)??   Wouldn’t it be fun to dump a whole album of them – say, Our Beach Vacation – into a cute photo book?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if that only took about 5 minutes – and was FREE?  Well, I’m sure you’re smart enough to guess what I’m about to say…..

Sign up for Pixable as a new user and get a FREE 8×5.5″ Softcover PhotoBook + $2.99 Shipping when you use code “PIXBOOK” at checkout.

Pixable photo books are so easy to make because they’re special software allows you to pull pics straight from your Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and other online photo sites – it takes only minutes to create!  I’ve made one (With this promotion!) and was amazed at how fast & easy it was!  Go have fun with your photos & make a book this weekend!

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