FREE Picaboo Photo Book Ends in {3} Days!!

If you started out on your Picaboo Photo Book but haven’t finished yet – here’s your friendly reminder!  You have exactly 3 Days Left to finish that project and hit “SUBMIT ORDER”  – then just sit back and wait for your beautiful masterpiece to arrive!

In case you’re new around here:

Picaboo is offering a $40 Hardcover Customized 8.5 x 11″ Photo Book for just the cost of shipping  (WOW!)
If you’re interested, read my original post about it HERE, and make sure to scroll down through all the comments to view people’s brilliant ideas for how to use this freebie to the max!


  1. LeeAnn says

    i made one. It’s a good 9 dollar book but i wouldn’t pay the almost 30 it costs. i made ours of our wedding pictures! it turned out pretty good!

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