FREE Picaboo Hardcover Photobook: Only 1 Day Left!

This is your friendly reminder that if you haven’t made your FREE 8.5 x11″ Hardcover Personalized Photobook over at Picaboo yet – tomorrow is the very last day to finish it!!! F

  • Picaboo is offering a $40 Hardcover Customized 8.5 x 11″ Photo Book for just the cost of shipping  (WOW!)
  • These books are VERY nice, and the free hardcover includes LEATHER in the choices of covers (Oo-la-la)
  • This is a PERFECT idea for a Christmas Present – knock one out early!
  • Grandparents Day is Sept. 12th – what an ideal gift for that too.
  • This deal is valid for NEW USERS only, and expires 8/31.

Thinking of making the book, but haven’t settled on a “Theme” yet?  Time2Save readers came up with TONS of great ideas for their free photobooks – go read their ideas in the comment section of this post HERE!

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