FREE Photo Canvas {Capture Fall Memories}

Fall has set in – and there will be so many opportunities to get great pictures.  Playing in the leaves, picking apples, going to the pumpkin parch, etc….  A picture like this displayed on canvas would make a great gift come Christmas.

Canvas People is offering an 8″ x 10″ Photo Canvas for FREE (Reg. $50)!
OR FREE Shipping + 40% OFF any size larger than an 8×10″!

These are normally so pricey, my sister-in-law paid over $70 for the canvas she has! You’ll only pay about $14 to have it shipped, and this will be such a sweet, meaningful gift for someone special.  It would go great in a study or office – or lined up artfully on a bookshelf or mantle.  I personally think the Black & White photos make the most beautiful canvases – the Canvas People software even helps you retouch any flaws!

If you prefer to have a large Canvas made – you can use this link to get $50 Off Any Size Canvas instead!

*GO HERE* to get yours!

- Thanks, Time 2 Save Workshops!

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