FREE Photo Canvas from Canvas People!

Christmas Idea heads up!!

Here’s a great freebie from The Canvas People – and it’s a $55 Value!  They want you to try turning a favorite photo into a nice wall canvas – and they’re willing to give your your first one FREE to do it.  Last year around Christmas, several of our readers were creating family photo canvases for parents/grandparents – or baby photo canvases for friends with new babies.  This freebie idea is great to keep or give away!  CLICK HERE to get started – and even view canvases created by others!

NOTE: You will have to pay S&H – but saving $55 is still pretty great!


    • Jamie says

      Hey Hannah – thanks, I’d forgotten what it was. I have to say, I still think this is a great deal – my sister-in-law paid around $70 to get a canvas of her baby made and shipped – so I know $15 is a bargain. Come to think of it, ust for perspective, to frame a photo would cost you at least $15 once you had printed, framed, and matted that picture!

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