FREE PediaSure Clear Rebate ($12.99 value!)

If you have picky eaters (I do!) then you’ll be excited about this PediaSure Clear Rebate!  Get a pack of PediaSure Clear totally FREE after rebate (up to a $12.99 Value).  Just follow the steps below:

Purchase PediaSure SideKicks Clear(Look for it in the baby/toddler aisle.)

Visit to get your rebate form and follow the instructions. You’ll need your receipt and the
UPC code from your package of PediaSure SideKicks Clear. When you’re finished, print the
rebate form.

Mail your completed form and your original receipt with the purchase price circled to the address
listed on the form. Your rebate request must be received by 8/12/2012. You should receive your
rebate check in 6 to 8 weeks.

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