FREE M&M’s Pretzel Candy!

Be one of the first 40,000 to go HERE and download the Pretzel Vending Machine App on Facebook (I don’t know, that sounds highly involved to me…) and you’ll receive a free 1.4 oz Bag of NEW M&M’s Brand Pretzel Chocolate Candies!  – Thanks to Kristi at SpendLessAndSaveMore!

While you’re there participating in all that nonsense (What we won’t do for some free candy!), please come and join our Time2Save Facebook Fan page!  We’d love to have you, so come on in and stay a spell!  Right now the hot topics are:

  • On the wall – Kmart Doubles -Trips & Troubles (You see how I just rhymed there?).  
  • In”Discussions” tab, you can get in on the formation of some Coupon Swap Groups that look like they’ll be getting off the ground any day now in Macon and Chattanooga!
  • Start your OWN Topic of discussion, or ask questions – we’ve got a super friendly group of coupon-experts hanging around most of the time!

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