FREE Laser Hair Removal – Enter to Win!



Warning: If you are a guy and reading this right now you’ll probably want to stop before going further.





 Win FREE Laser Hair Removal from American Laser Centers (Click Image Above)

  • Grand Prize:  $3,000 in Laser Hair Removal treatments 
  • Second Prize:  $1,500 in Laser Hair Removal treatments

Enter TODAY for your chance to WIN $3,000 worth of hair removal! Contest is ran every month with new winners each month. 

Okay – girlfriend to girlfriend  I have decided that deodorant is actually fertilizer. Yes, fertilizer it’s sneaky……helps you smell fresh and encourages hair growth.  Please tell me ya’ll understand……..sleeveless shirts – by the end of the day there is a 5 o’clock shadow under my arms.  Okay maybe too much information, but if you can’t share with your girlfriends who can you share with?

Just wondering has anyone ever had a massage scheduled you were really excited…..that is until you realized you forgot to shave. Maybe ya’ll don’t care, maybe I am strange, but a prerequisite to a pedicure or a massage is to be freshly shaved:)  Someone please leave a comment and tell me you understand:)  Don’t forget to submit your entry by clicking the image above.  Oh yea, and to comment – come on chicas let’s chatt :)


  1. Jamie says

    I signed up for this contest and won $300.00 coupon and they said if I went in this week it was buy one get one free and a free gift for coming in. Not knowing much about this and we have two daughters getting married within the next 3 months, so there is no money, I asked about pricing. She said that legs were about $3,500.00 and that the contract was for 2 years and the get one free was of equal or lesser value. But if we gave some information I might qualify for 12 months with no intrest payments.Then I asked about the upper lip she said that that was $250.00 for the 2 year contract and the coupon would cover that. But since it was small it would not be 1+1. So I made the appointment and got the info and gave them some. I called the number they gave me just to see what they said their pricing was. The person I talked to there said the same thing about the legs but that the upper lip was $300.00. So I thought okay not quite what the first lady said but I will go to see what they have to say. So I went and the lady I talked to said the same about the legs. So then we talked about diffrent things on the face and she told me what I was told was wrong, I didn” qualify for financing and the upper lip was $600,00 so I would have to pay $300.00.I asked about just paying monthly and she said no that they don;t take payments. She thanked me for coming in and gave me a headband as my free gift for coming in.It was a dissapointing experience!

    • Jamie says

      Jamie – that does sound very disappointing! Thanks for letting us know – that sounds pretty aggravating

  2. Katie says

    I have never ever gotten a massage! But whenever I do, I will make sure to shave! I wouldn’t want to be rubbing on hairy legs lol

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