FREE Rad Rockets Kids’ Craft Project (Just $3.95 S&H)


Here’s a brand new FREE Project offer from Kiwi Crate! 

Try Kiwi Crate for free and get their popular Rad Rockets Craft delivered to your door!  I’ve seen Kiwi-Crate and their cute crafts on several mommy blogs (They come with all the supplies, ready to make and delivered to your door).



  • All the materials to build your pair of rockets
  • Bonus flight chart to help measure distance traveled
  • Set of metallic markers and pom poms to personalize your rockets
  • 16 page explore! magazine filled with kid-friendly recipes, puzzles and a bonus gliding airplane
Build and experiment with your very own pair of rockets that fly! Learn how rockets can travel through the air differently. Then measure the distance with your flight chart to see how far they can travel. 

**By receiving a free trial box, you will be automatically enrolled in a Kiwi Crate monthly subscription, but may cancel at anytime.  If you choose not to cancel within 14 days, you’ll be sent a new box of 2 crafts each month for $19.95.

“Kiwi Crate is totally great for overwhelmed and busy parents! New fresh ideas come to me and my kids. Every month, we’re so excited to see the green box.”
- Sarah, New York, NY

Enjoy Monthly Fun and Exploration with Kiwi Crate - Get your FREE Trial Now!



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