Free Kindle eBook: Tastefully Simple 90+ Recipes Cookbook (Reg $4.48)


Right now on Amazon, download this Tastefully Simple 90+ Recipes ebook for FREE!  (Reg $4.48)  This is ONLY FREE TODAY, July 18th – so don’t wait if you’d like to add it to your Kindle!

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Cooking, Food & Wine (October 2012)

In this kindle book you will find Quick, Easy & Healthy recipes you can prepare over and over again for yourself and for your family.  This is actualy 3 cookbooks compiled into one – and gets great reviews!

Book 1: 31 Tasty Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes…

Contains a wonderful selection of 31 Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes to try out in your own home, especially if you are a busy person as the majority of these recipes can be prepared and cooked in less than an hour.

Book 2: 31 Sensational Cold Pasta Salad Recipes…

Contains a delightful collection of cold pasta salad dishes, containing some unusual and tasty recipes along with some of the more traditional favourites.  Prepared with fresh ingredients these cold pasta salad dishes are great for any meal from a quick lunch to a special dinner party dish.

Book 3: 31 Simple Salmon Recipes…

Is packed full of delicious tasty Salmon dishes for all the family to enjoy.

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