FREE Holiday Shipping Tracker: UPS My Choice


Have you ever come home to find a note on your door saying you missed a package delivery?  And not only did you not get it when you wanted it – but now they’re holding it hostage at the  post office?    Well – NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

You’ve probably seen the commercials recently, but UPS has a FREE new shipping tracker called UPS My Choice.  One of the perks of this free service:  If you’re not home, you can tell them to wait and come later!   Sign up for free for UPS My Choiceand you can actually choose when you want UPS to deliver to your home.

More Features:

  • Get alerts before packages arrive
  • Electronically authorize packages for drop-off
  • Re-route packages to other locations
  • Lots More!

You tell UPS My Choice when to drop the item off and where to leave it. They’ll send you phone or email alerts letting you know that your package is arriving soon. To sign up for the free version of UPS My Choice, head on over HERE!

 This will be great for all the Amazon Deals you may be ordering – see our most recent Amazon Finds HERE!

Note: this is sponsored content from UPS My Choice – but I already thought this was a great service!

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