FREE Hardcover PhotoBook from Picaboo!

Aww, Easter Egg Memories!

 There’s a new photo freebie in town…. and it’s called Picaboo!   I just found out about this on Facebook a couple days ago – and I’ve been looking over all their book customization options – this site is AMAZING (There are over 15,000 background choices alone)!
Here’s how to get an 8.5 x 11″ Hardcover Book (reg. $40) for just $8.99 shipping.  I love these photo book deals because I can’t seem to get my pictures off the hard drive and onto paper any other way – getting a beautiful photo book in the mail is like winning a prize at the end of the process!

 Go HERE to register & get your own FREE 8.5 x11 Hardcover Photo Book.  Next:

  • Upload your pictures
  • Choose a cool theme, background, collage layouts – They have everything you need to digitally Scrapbook!
  • Use code AFFLGB at checkout to deduct all but the shipping ($8.99 is not bad for a hardcover family album)
(Look at the “Scrapbook-ish” pallettes divided by occasion!)

This would make a wonderful Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift or just a swank coffee-table album for your own family.  Be sure to check out the “Idea Center” – I’m so inspired right now, I don’t know which idea I should run with!  I might have to order one under my mom’s name and my brother’s name too, just to get all my projects done….

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