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Homeschool Notebook is offering a bundle of educational books by download for FREE HERE.  The Homeschool Notebook is a Homeschool e-Newsletter that gives invaluable information about education and has great resources for homeschoolers or anyone wanting to learn! Subscribe to their newsletter HERE.

Here is a list of some of the books that are available with this FREE download:

  • The Sudberry’s on the Scottish Highlands
    By R.M. Ballantyine
    Accident-prone Mr. Sudberry and family, from London, vacation in Scotland for a summer. Hilarity ensues. This book is a HUGE favorite for many families!
  • In School and Out
    By Oliver Optic
    Can Richard Grant, spoiled by his father’s wealth, overcome those who stand in his way of becoming a young man of honor and integrity?
  • The Doctor’s Daughter
    By Sophie May
    One of our personal family favorites and also widely popular, The Doctor’s Daughter follows Marian Prescott from the age of twelve to twenty. Similar to Anne of Green Gables, but we found it both funnier and more absorbing!
  • Rich and Humble
    By Oliver Optic
    The prequel to In School and Out (above). Richard’s father is arrested for a fraud he did not commit. How are his children to clear his name and restore the family honor?

Short Stories: (Partial list)

  • A London Fireman’s Night Of It
  • The Poetry Machine (Could this have been the precursor to modern computers???)
  • Aunt Abby’s Diamond Ring
  • Boys’ Housekeeping (Funny!)

  • The Runaway Mechanical Doll (Not what you’re expecting!)
  • Grandmother’s Stories of Old Times
  • How Two Noble Boys Became Two Noble Men
  • The Break in Over Dam (Exciting and educational)
  • King of the Coast
  • Lexington and Concord
  • Multiplication on the Brain (This one’s hilarious!)
  • Oily Gammon’s Pipe (Be careful of the company you keep!)
  • Only Once
  • Sir Franklin (What does chilvary really mean, anyway?)
  • The Schoolmaster’s Story
  • Voyage of the Green Cotton Umbrella (An extraordinary adventure!)
  • The Rivals
  • Much more! (Really – there is MUCH more!)


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