FREE Calypso Cay Resort Stay w/purchase of Disney World Ticket!

We’ve been discussing on our Facebook Wall today, whether or not Time2Save Readers think it worthwhile to sit through a 90-minute timeshare presentation in order to take a cheap vacation – and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of it!   I found this offer – for those of you who take timeshare trips – or might be considering it.

5 Night Orlando Resort Stay FREE w/purchase of (2) Disney Tickets

GO HERE to read more about this vacation offer, which includes:

  • (3) Nights at the Orlando Country Inn & Suites Cayman Resort (A Disney Good Neighbor Hotel)
  • (2) Nights at the Daytona Beach Resort
  • Amenities:
    - Free shuttle service to the theme park(s)
    - Breakfast
    - (4) heated pools, mini golf, water slides, poolside tiki bar
  • *Good for up to 4 Guests

The only “catch” that I can see here is that you agree to sit through a 90-minute timeshare presentation during the trip.(Heck, I just spent 90 minutes ogling the resort pictures!)  As a child, my parents went to a few timeshare presentations – to the tune of such prizes as a Foreman Grill, an Igloo Cooler, a weekend at a campsite, and $50 Traveling expenses.  It seemed too good to be true, but according to our readers – it’s not!  Provided you are willing to listen patiently and follow with a firm “No Thank You” – this might be an excellent way to take a frugal vacation to a very nice location.  GO HERE to get all the details – and read the fine print.

Because I find personal experience so helpful, here the comments we received on our Facebook Wall this afternoon – scroll down if you’re interested in reading them!

  • Simone Williams Hobbs: One yr around Thanksgiving we went to gatlinburg/pigeon forge with family members. We all did about 3 of them & ended up coming home with as much money as we had went there with. And we were there a week! We all had fun & laughed about it. The best part was we got to do what we wanted, eat out at every meal and didn’t have to hardly pay anything for our hotel. It was a money maker vacation! lol
  • Suzanne Gebhardt Kline: Not so bad. We did a few in Las Vegas for free tickets, etc. We scheduled them early in the morning. We’ve had everything from rude to I-don’t-care-if-you-buy-or-not-attitude. Ive had timeshare prices go from $24,000 to $6,000 in a matter of minutes and after a few no-thank-yous. Interesting. Some have become angry for wasting their time, but they need to know that they have co-workers on the floor saying “FREE _______, just listen to a presentation”. So that is what we do. We LISTEN and my 3 hours (NEVER under 3 hours) is worth a gift.
  • Malanna Massey: Just did one this week. Almost bought one. Got $75.00 for doing it.
  • Sherri Leonard Martin: I’ve done several timeshare presentations and they were a mixed bag between high pressure and no problem at all. I ended up buying a timeshare from one of the no-pressure sales guys and haven’t been to a presentation since. I love my timeshare!
  • Stephanie Ford Putnam: We’re doing one before the baby comes. Paid $129 to go, getting $125 back in gift cards!! 3 days/2 nites. we have did the spiel before and no, they didnt sell us, nor will this place sell us. We dont have the $$ to buy, which is exactly what we will tell them.
  • Dawn Sayre: I did it a few years ago and was so worth it! Paid 149 got 3/2 in Cocoa Beach and 50 dinner card…then 4/3 in Orlando with 2 Disney tics. Did the presentation only in Cocoa, I knew I couldn’t afford, they tried to talk me into it, talked to supervisor. They were very respectful…would definitely do again!
  • Melanie Molloy: My parents used to do it all the time. They bought a couple, but not always. My husband and I saw one on our honeymoon, and got a laugh out of how silly it was, but we got a free dinner.
  • Kari Brooks: As long as you know how to say “No” unless you are really interested than you will be fine – and ninety minutes worth of time for a couple of nights vacation or a cheap cruise or even dinner theater tickets is worth it in my book. Just beware of the really pushy sales people.  If it is something that I didn’t intend to buy, but do the tour for the incentive, I do make sure to tell others who might be interested how the employees treated us either way.
  • Kathy Johnson: LOL Of course!!! I did it in Las Vegas on time with a friend and they gave us a hundred dollars and we used it to take a bus to the GRAND CANYON LOL
  • Olivia Muysken Quarles: I did it and I love my timeshare and I always go to get gift cards nothing like having filet minion and lobster delivered to your room for free and only having to tip. Also free breakfast, massages and gift cards. Makes my stay so much better when I’m just paying for gas and tips… Free pampering:-)
  • Melodie Phelps Hood: Once. Didn’t buy. It was worth it for the cheap rooms. You need to keep repeating yourself, though. No, thank you!
  • Mayrene Blewett: Went to one in Hilton Head after giving us a price we told the salesman that we were going to wait he had his supervisor come over we told him the same thing he told us with the money we would of spent that we should go and buy new clothes. Very ruined.
  • Charlene Gennoe Wells: We also went to one in Hilton Head to get free dinner cruise tickets. We loved the dinner cruise but the salesman was so rude and only 20 years old. I don’t think I will go through that again for free stuff. He was just nasty and mean. It wasn’t right!
  • Stephanie Ford Putnam: We have only been to one before, and they were super nice and still send us mail sometimes.
  • Ashley-Josh Patterson: My husband and I did one while on our honeymoon. The guy was somewhat of a jerk toward the end because I was the mean one and said we wasn’t buying anything
  • Julie Keck: We did one in Gatlinburg for $75 and did another in orlando for free disney world tickets. The presentations are short but the salesmen makes you say no a million times and I will never do it again. If you buy then you have to pay maintenence fees as high as a hotel anyway.

Have any of you sat through a timeshare spiel for the incentive?  Please tell us what you thought!

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