*FREE Book!!* Crazy Love: Overwhelmed By a Relentless God

Is there a great new book out you’ve been wanting to read lately? Then don’t worry about buying it – get it FREE with this awesome offer! Pick any book you like – for instance, this wonderful book – Crazy Love: Overwhelmed By A Relentless God. 

You can also choose from best sellers on Oprah’s Book Club to entertain you at the gym, or kids books to keep the little ones entertained on a road trip. There’s a HUGE selection -  anything and everything available – and you get a FREE 1- Month Trial to decide what you want!


Just head over HERE to get your book – and feel free to cancel at the end of your trial. I’m leaving next week for Kentucky and I’ll be sitting around a hotel pool with my headphones on catching up on a good novel now :)

Audible works with Android and iPhones, iPads and over 500 MP3 Players.  You’ll be listening to your free book in no time, on any device you choose!

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