FREE Domino’s Pizza for MLB.TV Subscribers! (Today at 3pm)


UPDATE: Turns out you only have to be an MLB site USER, not even a member for this freebie!

Set your alarms – this goes live at 3PM!

If you’re an MLB.TV subscriber – or even if you sign up for a Free 2-Week Trial of MLB.TV - you can score a FREE Domino’s Pizza!

If someone pitches a no-hitter, Dominos will give away 20,000 FREE Medium 2-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza.  Well, that no-hitter HAS been thrown, and now all you need to do is head over here and enter your username and password to get your FREE Pizza!  You’ll be sent a code within moments for your free pizza.

If you aren’t registered for the site, it only takes a minute and is free.

We got this last time this was offered – no problems at all, it was great!

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