FREE Amazon Mom Membership is BACK! (FREE Shipping and 20% OFF Diapers!)


Amazon is once again offering FREE 3-month Amazon Mom Membership! This is great for mom’ of babies, or toddlers.  You’ll get an extra 15% OFF selected diapers and wipes, and an additional FREE two-day shipping. *You don’t have to be a “Mom” to sign up for this, just any sort of caretaker whatsoever.

Also, you can get another 5% off by enrolling in the “subscribe and save” program, which can be canceled at anytime. This means that you will get 20% off, and can be done all from home.

 Amazon Mom is usually $79 for a 1-Year membership fee! However, with this trial membership you can access all of the benefits of Amazon Mom without the high price.  Remember this deal only lasts for three months.

Here’s one nice diaper deal going on on Amazon right now:

Sign up for your FREE 3-Months by CLICKING HERE

(Thanks, PassionatePennyPincher!)


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