FREE $50 Prepaid MasterCard from Expedia!

Summer’s in full swing – and if you haven’t been on vacation yet, you’re probably planning your Big Escape!  But before you take off and pay full price for something like a hotel stay (You know I can’t let you do that!) – I just saw a cool deal going on at Expedia.

This is a great way to help pay for gas, food, or other expenses while doing something you would do anyway.

My Experience:

I booked our last hotel stay (Okay, it was only to Louisville, Ky….) through a deal-finding site, and I was very pleased.  I saved over $100!  Sites like Expedia find hotels that need to fill vacancies – and are therefore willing to lower their rates (Sometimes dramatically) to quickly gain customers.  If you simply called the hotel, you would not get this rate – only when you stop at Expedia and look around can you find little “treasures” like a 4-Star hotel for $69 per night!

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