EXPIRED*Free 21-Day Guide to Diabetes Control

This freebie really hits home to me.  My (Kasey) husband 7 yr old daughter are both type I diabetic.  Although I don’t have diabetes, I understand the difficulty in keeping blood sugars within a normal range.  No two days are the same, especially with pediatric diabetes.  My daughter was diagnosed when she had just turned three and my husband over 15 years ago so I can say it has been a part our daily routine for a long time.  In saying that although I wish I could take it away from both of them, I am thankful that it is treatable and that both of them can live long healthy lives. 

I don’t know how they do it, but they never complain.  My seven yr old daughter pricks her own finger and has since she was four.   She doesn’t understand how to count her carbs or use her insulin pump yet, so we do all the carb counting at meal time and give her insulin.  The more that I know, the better I can take care of her so when I saw this free guide it caught my attention.  So, if anyone else out there lives with diabetes, takes care of someone who does or even knows someone who may benefit I encourage you to get the free guide here.

Free Guide: 21 Days To Better Diabetes Control HERE  Expired

  • Simple daily tips created by a Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Systematically helps you establish healthy habits.
  • Glucose log and food journal help you track progress.
  • Low-carb recipes help you create a healthier meal plan.

Free guide provided by Diabetic Connect. Diabetic Connect is a social network that empowers people living with diabetes. They make it easy to start conversations, meet others, share treatments, read and post product recommendations, and much more.

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