Free $15 Credit to Deli-Boys in Cleveland!


Last night after my son’s baseball game we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Cleveland, Deli-Boys.  Life has been especially hectic lately with one kiddo playing baseball and the other playing soccer. As a result, we’ve been eating out more often.    I was super excited to see an offer on facebook for a $10 FREE credit to Deli-Boys for downloading an app called LevelUp.  Plus, I’ve got a special code to give you an additional $5 credit = $15 Free Credit! 

Basically, LevelUp allows you to pay using your phone instead of cash or credit at thousands of locations and earn rewards for being a loyal customer.  If you are concerned about the security of your card, the number is not stored on their servers.  Instead encrypted tokens are created you can read about all of the security features here.

Now, for the info you’ve been waiting for.  Through today 9/21/2012 download the LevelUp App, and you will automatically receive a $10 credit on your phone for Deli-Boys.  Plus, if you enter the following code 8FTQV6 when you download the app, you’ll receive an additional $5 credit in your LevelUp account that can be used at any participating store.  That means you could potentially get $15 off your order at Deli-Boys.  (The $10 credit is only good through today (9/21/2012), however the extra $5 can be used anytime)


Here’s how it worked for us:

  • I downloaded the app and entered my cc info before we got to the restaurant.  I didn’t want to hold up anyone in line behind me.
  • When we arrived at Deli-Boy’s the lady behind the counter asked if we had downloaded the app for our free $10 credit.  (She sounded excited and was very helpful)
  • We placed our order, and paid using our phone by placing it on the LevelUp display as shown below.  The QR code on my screen faced their phone, as soon as it detected my phone the light flashed green and my cashier said that my receipt had been emailed to me.  (Boy that could cut out on the number of receipts I lose)
  • It was that easy!  AND……I just realized that my total bill amount was credited toward a rewards program where every $50 we spend we get a $5 credit.  Even my credit counted towards my reward.




Yummy!!!  Then we enjoyed our delicious dinner!!!  My favorite, a Hot Ham & Cheese!

Don’t forget to enter code 8FTQV6 for an additional $5 credit!


photo (16)


For those of you who like all like the nitty gritty details – see below.  For those with ADD and short attention spans (like me) you can quit reading now, and download your app for your free lunch. Enter the following code here for an additional $5 – 8FTQV6.


Why would a business use LevelUp?

Why would a business use LevelUp? Typically, when you use a credit card to pay, the business pays a percentage of the total amount to a credit card processing company. With the app, if you pay $10 then they receive $10. On the other hand, depending on the fee percentage the business may be billed 3% of the total amount. So instead of actually receiving the full $10 that you pay, they only get $7. (numbers are just examples) Plus, LevelUp makes it easy for business’s to reward loyal customers by offering incentives each time they make a purchase.


how it works


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