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FREE 1-Month Netflix Trial (New Kids Section, Great for Summer!)

The kids are out of school – and that means long hours spent playing outside, swimming, and of course…  the ever-popular refrain of “Mom, I’m boo-oored!”  Instead of scrolling through the channels hoping to find something age appropriate for a little downtime – check out the fantastic new Netflix “Just for Kids” section!  It’s built for kids 12 and under, with nothing to worry about as far as inappropriate titles – and you can have it for 1 Month for FREE!

Of course, you’ll get the regular Netflix experience along with it – with movies and shows you and the hubby can watch at night as you unwind – but this added feature of a “Just for Kids” section really makes me love Netflix that much more.  As usual – there are NO COMMERCIALS!  (That’s something I truly love).


If you decide to keep Netflix after your trial, it’s only $7.95 per month – which I find to be very worthwhile.  We are usually able to find plenty of fun choices for a movie night and rarely have to leave the house to rent a flick.


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