Food Lion: New “Clip to Card” Ecoupons!

Food Lion has something new and exciting to offer – they call it “Clip to Card” E-Coupons! Basically, this is a way to “load” any manufacturer coupon you would normally see on the RedPlum site – STRAIGHT TO YOUR CARD.  No Printing!!  These are normal manufacturer coupons, and can’t be stacked with PAPER manufacturer coupons.

This will be a great way to save on paper and ink – and so convenient!

  1. GO HERE and create a little profile using your MVP card number
  2. Choose coupons from the Savings & Promotions Page and “Clip to Card”
  3. Recieve INSTANT savings at checkout when you buy the corresponding item!

More ways to save extra at Food Lion:

  • Sign up to get mobile coupons on your cell phone
  • Sign up for the Shoppers Companion weekly emails to get Food Lion Internet Printables (aka “Flips”).  These are usually store coupons.
  • Sign up for uPromise with your MVP card – these are another form of digital coupon!

Food Lion has partnered with Upromise and now has eCoupons available. You can save up to $30 a month when you sign up for Upromise and link your MVP Food Lion card to your account. It’s FREE to join and best of all – NO CLIPPING needed!  The only difference is that Upromise savings accumulate in a way you don’t see immediately.  You can put the savings towards college (for you or your child), to pay off a student loan, and more!

Each month Upromise offers a selection of eCoupons on everyday items such as snacks or light bulbs. Not sure what an eCoupon is?? An eCoupon is a coupon which is loaded directly to your loyalty card. There is no coupon to carry, or clip. It is not considered a manufacturer coupon or a store coupon. It is an extra way of saving, whether if it’s for your child, grandchild, a friend’s child…etc. Once you activate the eCoupons to your account, you can use it with any loyalty card you have registered.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Sign up or Log in to Upromise
  • Link your Food Lion Card (and any other cards you may have Rite Aid, CVS..etc)
  • Activate the eCoupons to your account.
  • Buy the qualified item/s (with any card) & that’s it!

You can also link your MVP Card to your school to raise for classrooms or to an organization to raise money for a cause when you buy listed items – the amount you spend on qualifying items will be automatically credited to your school/charity. They also have “Double Credit Days”.

Double Credit Days

If you shop on the 10th of each month, your school or organization earns double credit on Food Lion brand purchases. All Food Lion brand product purchases will receive double credit on September 10th, October 10th, November 10th,and December 10th.

To find out more information, head on over here!!


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