Fold-Up Wireless Mouse only $5.99 (I have this and LOVE it!)


Today on Tanga – pick up this fantastic Foldable Wireless Optical Mouse for only $5.99 + Shipping!


I ordered this last time it was available on Tanga – and I love this mouse.  My kids “borrow” my mouse for certain computer games and we use to always be losing or misplacing the usb transmitter.  But this mouse has a great little feature – a magnetic indentation on the back that keeps it safe and sound!


Plus it folds up to fit in your pocket – great if you tend to lug your laptop around with you.  That’s perfect for me, since I often find myself getting in some deal-posting while at McDonald’s Play Place or when I run away to the coffee shop :)

This deal will only be around TODAY – so hurry over and get yours!

*Shipping is $4.99, but you can buy up to 3 and the shipping will remain that price.

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