FLIPs for the week of 2/3

Here are your Food Lion Internet Printables for the week.  They’re pretty sad as far as making any great deals happen – but maybe they’ll help you get something you need!

$1.00 off Home 360 Toilet Tissue 6-12 pack
$1.00 off two (2) packages Food Lion Butter Quarters
$1.00 off Eggland’s Best Eggs
$1.00 off any Honey Chipotle Salmon or Tortilla Crusted Tilapia from the Seafood Dept

Still-Current FLIPs:

$1 off $5 Purchase of Produce
$1 off (2) boxes FL Instant Potatoes *Anyone know the price on these?
$2 off Tide 32 load +
$1 off Finish Jet Dry Turbo Dry
PRINT (exp 2/9)

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