Flip Camera: $15 Off + 10% Cashback + FREE 2-Day Shipping!

I ♥  my Flip Cam – it’s the easiest way to make videos, and the quality is great!!  I’m so excited about busting it out on Christmas morning to capture all the sweet moments :)

It’s perfect last-minute gift for almost ANYONE on your list (It will arrive in 2 Days!) – and you can get a hot deal on it right now with Ebates!!

  1. GO to Ebates & Login/Register
  2. Search “The Flip” and click “Shop Now”
  3. After you add your Flipcam to your cart, use code: ebates15 at checkout for $15 Off + FREE 2-Day Shipping!
  4. You will also get 10% Cash Back from using Ebates!!


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