Father’s Day Collage Frame: Easy Craft for Kids & Adults!

So we all know Father’s Day is on SUNDAY – which means if you haven’t bought/made/stolen something for dad yet, you’re running out of options QUICK!  Here is an easy craft you can do with the kids that would look great in dad’s office, den, or man-cave – and you can get the photos you need quickly and free as well!

This is a photo-collage frame a friend gave me for Christmas once – and it’s super cheap & fun to make!

1) Buy a cheap wood frame with wide edges (This one was only $1 at Michael’s)

2) Cut out magazine pictures with a similar theme, like sports, superheros, cars, golf  – whatever Dad is into.

3) Glue them on and once dry, coat with a generous glaze of Mod Podge (or any decoupage glaze)

4) Choose a great Dad+Kids photo to put inside.  If you join CVS photo (It’s free.  See the flashing banner on the top of the right sidebar) you’ll get 50 Free Prints sent over to your local CVS right away!  You can pick them up this afternoon and start your little project tonight!   Heck, with that many free photos….  You could use them for your collage!

Here’s another easy idea for using a few good pictures in a slightly more “artsy” way.

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