Family Fun Friday: Make a Play-Doh Bank!


It’s Friday, and it’s time to have a little fun with your family!  Here’s a cute idea to make a piggy bank for the kids out of empty Play-Doh containers.   (It’s never too late to teach them how to put their pennies away for a rainy day…)  I know I always have a few containers filled with crusty crumbs instead of useable Play-doh, you probably do too, so use those!

1) Peel off the sticker
2) Cut a rectangular hole in the lid with a knife or razor blade
3) Lie the can on some construction paper and make a mark where the top and bottom of the can touch.  Use that as a guide to draw a rectangle for them to fill in with a picture.  (Otherwise you’ll be cutting half their picture off)

4) Let your child color a horizontal mural of their favorite things (My littlest, Addie’s, is Pandas at the moment)
5) Cut out the rectangle and trim the edges at a diagonal so that the sides meet cleanly when wrapped around the can.
6) Tape or glue them together, and add an extra piece of tape at the top so the picture won’t slide down. (Hot Glue works too!)

Other useful containers for a bank are coffee cans, Crystal Light containers, or anything plastic you have lying around!

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